Welcome to Malankara School of Commerce - Mariagiri

School Uniform

School Uniform & Schedule

    Std Pre KG to UKG : Monday-Friday (except Wednesday)

  • Girls : Ash frock, White Ribbon
  • Boys : Grey shorts, Ash shirt, Belt, Tie

  • Std I to IV : Monday-Friday (except Wednesday)

  • Girls : Grey skirt, Ash shirt, Grey Coat, Belt, Bow
  • Boys : Grey shorts, Ash shirt, Grey Coat, Belt, Tie

  • Std V to VIII : Monday-Friday (except Wednesday)

  • Girls : Grey skirt, Grey Coat, Ash shirt, Belt Tie, White Ribbon, White Socks
  • Boys : Grey pants, Full hand Ash Shirt, Belt,Tie

  • Std IX to XII : Monday-Friday (except Wednesday)

  • Girls : Ash Coat, Grey Commese, Ash Salwar, White Ribbon.
  • Boys : Grey pants,Grey Coat,Fullhand AshShirt,Belt,Tie

  • All the Students should wear black leather shoes and grey socks with white lines. Shoes must be polished and without any designs. No student is allowed to use slippers.

  • Std Pre KG to IV : Wednesdays only

  • Girls : White Skirt and house color ‘T-shirt with house belt.
  • Boys : White shorts and house color ‘T’ Shirt with house belt e

  • Std V to XII : Wednesdays only

  • Girls : White Churidar with house color Coat and Ribbon according to the house.
  • Boys : White Pants with house color ‘T’ Shirts and house belt.
  • Important : All the students must wear white socks and white shoes.

  • Hair Dressing for Girls

  • Girls should comb their hair in two plaints tied with ribbon every day.