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Message from the Alumni

Message from the Alumni

I am really proud that I did my studies from such a wonderful institution and don’t think so I would have had a better learning than what I had received from this institution. It doesn’t matter where you study but what matters is what you study and how you study but what matters is what you study and how you study and I am really happy that KCC gave me the opportunity to home my skills.

Mr.Bennet Robin
Credit Risk Control Manager, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Abu Dhabi, UAE

If I look back at my life 12 years ago, I was nowhere and had to earn for my studies like each and every one of you but had a big dream which I am still trying to reach. Where I am today and the heights I have reached till now wouldn’t have been possible without KCC, the great institution which I consider as my invaluable asset. Hard work and strong determination will take you places and that is what making me to succeed in my life too till date. There is nothing impossible in this world.

Proprietor, MD accounts and tax consultancy, Chennai.

Memory is a way of holding onto the things we love, the things we are, the things we never want to lose or lock. My campus memory is also always awesome and inspiring. Let me pour my heart out to you, that the bliss and blessing of a better career and a better life which I enjoy today, is of course bestowed by only beloved campus KCC College. Like everyone, I’ve come across a lot of puddles along my way of becoming a successful accounting teacher. And now, when I look around at the path I walked by, I could see my KCC College and teachers who helped me to reach my destination. I’m so proud to say that our batch was the first batch of DCFA. This course didn’t only give me education, it gave me knowledge, self-confidence, career opportunities, academic and technical skills, and social skills. Obviously, I won’t have attained my Master Degree if I wasn’t have attained my Master Degree if I wasn’t updated with requisite skills, which were provided by DCFA course.

Mrs.Lisa Mabel
(Teacher, Dept., of Principles of Accounts & Commerce) Ministry of Education, Republic of Maldives.

It’s a great place to learn and design your future. The courses are very effective and useful wherever you go. You may get a chance to grow in domains like Sales and Marketing, Finance, Administration, Production, Import and Export, etc., Everywhere and in every business these subjects will follow you. I personally felt this is the right place to frame your goal and the starting point of your career journey.

Mr.Sunil Kumar
Finance and Admin, Cape Start